What you can get for free in case of flight cancellation

In the unfortunate event of having your flight canceled, you should know that there are several forms of coverage that you can receive for your inconvenience. As specified here, airlines are obligated to provide you with free things to make the whole mishap less unpleasant. Read on to discover your rights in case of flight cancellation, and how to go about to claim them!

What is a flight cancellation?

Air travel is a busy business. In spite of its high level of management and logistics, things don’t always go as smooth as intended. For various reasons, airline companies choose to cancel their flights or make sudden, last-minute changes to their flight schedules.

When an airline fails to manage a flight cancellation properly, hundreds or even thousands of passengers may suffer from it. People's personal lives, work schedules, and obligations get canceled or at least delayed. For this reason, you, as a passenger are entitled to unalienable rights and in some cases a decent amount of free stuff.

What causes a flight cancellation?

Unless you have decided to give up on your next trip by plane, the only part deciding a flight cancellation is the airline company. Airlines almost always try to avoid canceling a flight, for the reasons presented above. However, when delaying it does not represent a viable option anymore, the company may cancel your trip because:

Besides these factors, airline management glitches can also impact on the decision to cancel a flight or not. Additional causes may also include fueling problems or the late arrival of the aircraft from a previous flight.

Your rights in case of flight cancellation

The flight ticket that you buy represents a legal contract between you as a consumer and the company as the service provider. In full accordance with the terms and conditions that this legal contract implies, you are entitled to several consumer and passenger rights in case of flight cancellation.

There is not a standard set of rights offered by all airline companies, but in general, if your flight gets canceled, you are entitled to:

Free stuff you should receive

If you are in the airport waiting for your plane to depart and the airline decides to cancel it, you are entitled to free things, such as:

How to claim compensation

Monetary compensation for flight cancellation vary depending on company policy, the value of your ticket and the time when the airline canceled the flight. The closer the cancellation is to the departure date the bigger your coverage should be.

Your best choice to get rightful compensation for your flight being canceled is using the services of a professional company like airclaim.com. With the help of experts that hold substantial experience in the air travel business, you can claim proper reimbursement for your money and your inconvenience.